Annual Meeting Schedule

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7:30am to 9:00am
Breakfast Buffet N/A Rocky Mountain AB
8:00am to 1:30pm
Annual Meeting Registration N/A McGrew Room
8:30am to 9:30am
BO01 - Compensation for Brokers and Broker-Dealers Jenice Malecki, Pearl Zuchlewski, Joseph Borg, Edward O'Neal Divide
BO05 - Cross Examination of Experts Jeffrey Erez, Craig McCann, Jeffrey Kaplan West Ballroom AB
BO07 - Law Firm Marketing: What Works and What Doesn't Mark Pugsley, Kirk Smith West Ballroom CD
9:30am to 9:45am
Break N/A Rocky Mountain AB
9:45am to 10:45am
BO03 - ERISA Class Action Joseph Peiffer Divide
BO08 - Do's and Don'ts of Group Arbitration Claims Sean Sweeney, Richard Lewins, Joseph Wojciechowski, Alan Rosca West Ballroom AB
BO10 - Tax Treatment of Client Settlements Jeffrey Pederson, Howard Bernstein, Tim West West Ballroom CD
BO13 - Creative Counters to Dirty Deeds - Use Respondents' Dirty Tricks to Your Advantage , Closed Lisa Braganca, Peter Mougey, Hugh Berkson, Nicholas Guiliano Rocky Mountain CD
10:45am to 11:00am
Break N/A Rocky Mountain AB
11:00am to 12:00pm
BO04 - Insurance as an Investment Vehicle Thomas Ajamie, Ryan Cook Rocky Mountain CD
BO06 - Regulatory Changes to the Investment Advice Industry Christine Lazaro, Benjamin Edwards Divide
BO09 - Supervision (or Lack Thereof) at Independent-Contractor Broker-Dealers Patricia Vannoy, David Gaba, Lance McCardle, Sander Ressler, Kathy Adams West Ballroom AB
BO12 - Don't "Just Say No"; When a Class Action May Be the Best Option for Recovery David Meyer, Matthew Wilson West Ballroom CD
12:00pm to 1:30pm
Keynote Luncheon Ralph Janvey Rocky Mountain AB
1:45pm to 3:15pm
AM09 - View from the Defense Bar Andrew Stoltmann, Howard Tescher, Bruce Lewitas, Brandon Reif, Frederick Schrils, Alan Rafterman Rocky Mountain CD
3:15pm to 3:30pm
Break N/A Mountain View Terrace
3:30pm to 4:30pm
BO02 - Secondary Liability for Investment Fraud/Ponzi Schemes: Spotting Cases and Identifying Potentially Liable Parties Alan Rosca, Paul Scarlato, Barton Goplerud West Ballroom AB
BO11 - Crowdfunding Jason Burge, Brian Henderson Divide
BO14 - Dealing with Diminished Capacity: Ethical Obligations of the Elder Client’s Attorney, the Brokerage Firm and the Duty to Disclose Teresa Verges, Samuel Edwards, Nicole Iannarone West Ballroom CD
6:00pm to 7:30pm
PIABA Closing Reception N/A Cheyenne Lodge