Casino Night
Players begin the evening with $500 dollars which may be exchanged for chips from the Pit Boss. Of course, if you run out of chips, for the nominal contribution of $50, you may obtain $500 in additional chips! There is no limit on the number of additional chips you may purchase.

Just for showing up everyone receives one raffle ticket at the door with their initial stake. What’s the raffle ticket for? The more tickets you have at the end of the evening, the better chance you have to win prizes. At the end of the evening, players cash in their “money” for tickets, then drop the tickets in one prize box or spread them out in multiple prize boxes. Your hostess for the evening will announce the winners by drawing a ticket from each prize box. The more tickets you have the better chance of winning. How do you get more tickets? Gamble! Gamble! Gamble!

Chips may be exchanged as follows: $250 – if you manage to keep half your starting money you will receive another ticket.  $500 – if you manage to break even you will get two more tickets.  After $500 dollars, you will receive one additional raffle ticket for every $100 dollars of winnings.

So, you  have all these chips that you exchanged for tickets. What do you do with them?  To make the evening a huge success - and a lot more fun! - there are a number of prizes you may try to win by placing your tickets into any one, or more, of the following prize boxes:

Poker Tournament
Rules - TBA

Richard Lewins
August Iorio
Phil Vujanov

Casino Night Grand Prizes

Live Check-Out Procedure
At the conclusion of the Live Auction, the winning bidders should proceed to the cashier's table to finalize payment for your auction item(s). To check-out, please proceed to the PIABA cashier’s table to make payment (cash, check or master/visa cards) for your auction item(s). After payment, your invoice will be marked “Paid” and you will be directed to the next table to pick up or arrange shipping for the items you won.